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Wildlife Removal Mississauga

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Wildlife Removal Mississauga

Animal control solutions in Mississauga. Removal and exclusion of raccoons, squirrels, skunks, pigeons. All our solutions are humane. If you are hearing noises in the attic, have noticed wildlife damage on your roof or attic, give us a call: 647-493-0279 Our technicians are ready to serve seven days a week. Call now to speak to a technician and schedule a no-obligation inspection. The technician will visit your property find signs of wildlife, like damage and entry points, and provide you with a plan of action and cost estimate. We see every job through and guarantee our services. We deal with a variety of wildlife problems and nuisance animals:


Raccoons often break in attics and sheds to raise their young and to find shelter during the winter months. They are known to cause damage to roofs, attics, sheds and other structures. They can significantly contaminate a space.


Just like raccoons, squirrels find shelters in attics and roofs. They give birth twice a year and their population can grow fast if the right conditions exist. Squirrels chew on wires, tear up insulation and contaminate every space they are in.


Pigeons are notorious in causing damage and contamination. We offer pigeon and bird proofing solutions to keep them away from your roof or ledge.


Skunks are most active during the spring and summer months. They have several burrows in a neighborhood. If you are unfortunate enough to have on one your property we can help.

Noises in The Attic?

You might be dealing with animals. Often times, if one animal makes its way inside and even if they leave, more are soon to follow. Overtime, small entry points become larger and can result to significant damage. In most cases, if you are hearing noises during the day it is squirrels, if at night, you are dealing with raccoons. Give us a call for any of your wildlife problems. Our technicians are trained and experienced to deal with even the most challenging situations all year round. Call: 647-493-0279

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I would recommend Wildlife Removal Mississauga! We had a raccoon family leaving in our attic. Richard came and placed a one-way door and solve our issue, he was friendly, fast and efficient. Thanks!
John Martin
We have used Wildlife Removal Mississauga several times. We were able to book an appointment the same day! Thanks for the quick response and great service!
Mike Tompson