How To Keep Squirrels Out of Your Garden

So, it’s a beautiful day and you look out of the window to see your beautiful garden in full bloom, and the busy squirrels that are running about make it all look even better.

Look closely however, and you will realize that although the squirrels and their activities make for some great views and pastime, they are actually causing damage to your prized garden in several ways!

To a squirrel, your garden is nothing more than a source of food or a place where it can hide its food. Whether it is nuts, acorns or just about anything else that a squirrel thinks it can store to eat later, your garden proves to be the perfect hiding place.

Therefore, you will often find squirrels digging up your beautiful lawn to hide, and then look for the food it has kept away. Trees serve a similar purpose too. In fact, if squirrels do not find anything interesting to eat, they fall back on the bark of trees. So if you find your ornamental trees all chewed up, you know who to blame!

Keeping squirrels out of your garden isn’t an easy task, especially if they are used to being there already. Therefore, one way to remove squirrels from your garden is to discourage them from the beginning. Shoo them away a few times and they will probably get the message that they aren’t welcome here.

However, if you leave out food, whether it is pet food or even bird feed or just about anything else, this would be enough to attract squirrels and make them stay on in spite of your advances.

If the problem is getting out of hand, call in the services of a squirrel removal team. Apart from ridding your garden of squirrels, they will also give you plenty of practical tips!