How To Stop Raccoons from Taking Over Your House

Raccoons are probably the most persistent home invaders as far as wildlife intrusion in human habitat is concerned, and the worst part is that these creatures are highly intelligent too!

Therefore, you are not just dealing with an animal that follows its instincts and habits that have remained the same for several generations. Raccoons are actually creatures that tend to find a way out of almost every problem it comes across so it’s all about staying ahead of the game when it comes to these mammals!

So how do you stop raccoons from taking over your house?

The most important factor here, is food.

There is only one thing that raccoons are after when they invade a human’s house, and that is food. Their high omnivorous quotient means that humans are their perfect partners when it comes to food choices. Everything from fish to meat and even those boring vegetables are part of a raccoon’s diet. Hey, even the grub that is found under those lawns that you love to maintain is a delicacy for coons!

Therefore, in more ways than one, human habitat remains a rather juicy feeding ground for these furry faced creatures.

So if you wish to keep these creatures out, make sure that every kind of raccoon food is kept out of their reach!

As far as your house is concerned, raccoons can make use of every possible loophole to enter your house and set up base in the attic or any other secluded corner.

If you have a chimney, make sure it’s sealed to prevent raccoon intrusion, and if you have any open ducts or other spaces, take care of these too.

Stopping raccoons from taking over your house is made easier with the help of professional wildlife services too.