Raccoon Removal Recommendations

Raccoon removal isn’t child’s play, and although these cute-looking mammals may seem harmless, they are quite persistent and unpredictable when confronted, thus posing serious dangers.

Biting and scratching is something they easily resort to, and with these injuries, also arise the chances of contracting rabies. For these reasons and more, you need to take utmost care while attempting raccoon removal.

The first thing you need to know while attempting to remove raccoons from your property, is to make sure that you avoid direct confrontations.

Raccoons, out of fear as well as the need to escape and save their own lives, are known to attack just about anything that comes their way at such times, and freely use their teeth as well as sharp claws to attack.

Setting pets onto them isn’t a good idea either. No matter how fierce your dog may be, you can be sure that even a single raccoon’s attacking moves could prove dangerous. In fact, in some cases, fights between dogs and raccoons have even led to the death of pets. So avoid this too.

Scaring away raccoons is a good option, since these animals scare quite easily. Even well-timed sprinklers scare them, and so do loud noises and flashing lights.

If a female raccoon has given birth to young ones, you can expect them to be a lot fiercer, so make sure you avoid such situations and keep yourself, your family, and even your pets away from skirmishes.

Of course, the best solution to raccoon removal is to call in the professional wildlife removal experts. These professionals have all the knowledge as well as resources they require to attempt and succeed at removing raccoons from your property, and are hence the safest bets.

When it comes to raccoon removal, calling in the experts is usually the best way out.