What You Need To Know About Professional Squirrel Removal

There are a plethora of homeowners who prevent squirrels from entering their attic and the home compound through deterrents such as predator urine, moth balls, sprays and repellent powders among others. What the homeowners do not realize is that it takes a short time for the squirrels to adapt to these deterrents and to infest their homes. To this end, professional squirrel removal services come handy.

Professional squirrel removal, just like any pest control process, occurs in steps. First off, there is a home inspection where every part of the house from the foundation to the roofing are inspected. This is done to determine the degree of squirrel infestation in your home and your yard; the squirrel species present and a rough estimate of the number of squirrels. Exclusion is the next step where all entries are sealed including vents, holes, gaps, cracks and any other opening that allows the squirrels into your house. After exclusion, traps are set to catch the squirrels. The squirrels are then relocated. The last step in professional squirrel removal is cleanup. Sometimes decontamination is also necessary. After the removal, most companies give a one year assurance against squirrel re-entry.

It is less costly to use preventive methods. However, these are only effective for a while and they become costly in the long run. Professional squirrel removal costs will vary depending on the number of entry points sealed, the number of squirrels trapped, location of your home in relation to the squirrel removal company and the location of squirrel relocation, ease of access of the squirrels’ nests and finally the size of your home. Inspection will cost $50-$300 while the total costs for the whole squirrel removal service ranges from $300 to $1500. Note that some professional squirrel removal services offer free inspection while others charge more than $300; this will be determined by the nature of the inspection.

There are extra costs however. These are mostly incurred when you need emergency services or when you need removal services after business hours. Squirrel removal specialists are humane to the animals are will never harm them. After being trapped, they are relocated far from residential premises. Granted, the specialists are always insured and licensed to perform by the necessary legal authorities. If you decide to use a DIY to remove squirrels, you will require a permit from government officials. Professional squirrel removal service providers apply a number of methods in trapping the squirrels to ensure every homeowner is covered.