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Pigeon Control Mississauga

Pigeon control and removal solutions in Mississauga. Effective and reliable solutions for both commercial and residential clients. Our technicians provide effective pigeon control and proofing measures that will keep pigeons away from your premises. We do not hurt animals, all our solutions are humane. If you have a pigeon or other bird problem we can help. Call us to schedule a no obligation inspection: 647-493-0279 Pigeons are now living in or near their nesting web sites throughout the year, meaning once they establish a nest they never leave it. This presents a huge health threat (not forgetting the harm done to buildings and structures) because of feces accumulation. Pigeons are known to hold at least nine different diseases. They are able to also carry fleas, ticks, metes and various other bugs. Opportunities for pigeons to enter lofts, steeples, ports, and eaves drops may be prevented by using a 1/2-inch galvanized wire-mesh, wood, sheet-metal, or other solid construction material to stop pigeons from entering your building.

How To Keep Pigeons Away?

Preventing pigeons from sitting on the exterior surfaces of buildings often requires considerably more effort. The permanent and most effective methods of pigeon removal involve structural alterations which will physically exclude pigeons from utilizing these surfaces. However another approach to pigeon removal is frequently used, one that prevents the birds from resting easily on the exposed building surfaces. Actual exclusion might be achieved by installing weather-resistant netting, cable screening, sheet metal, or other materials in a manner that will restrict access to the sites. The strips of stainless steel behave as a barrier that inhibits the birds permanently from entry without injury.

What Dangers To Pigeons Pose?

Pigeon droppings, caused by nesting and roosting on building structures, due to their acidity, can damage the building’s surface. Pigeons choose to perch around the flat surfaces of building structures that are sheltered from the weather. Moreover, safety from other animals and people makes a safe place for nesting. Their droppings are also a major health concern since they carry diseases such as histoplasmosis and salmonella poisoning. Uncomfortable and time-consuming, depressing populations will be helped by removing nests. Home destruction has to be closely monitored and prevented by installing appropriate pigeon-proofing in order to attain maximum populace control. Our technicians will conduct a comprehensive examination and offer you a free estimate outlining the work required to resolve the pigeon problem. Excluding pigeons from roosting and nesting areas requires applying bird wire, bird coil, porcupine wire, netting and screening. Pigeons become a issue when they take over areas inhabited by humans. They’re perhaps not afraid of individuals and can approach again and again for hand-outs, which quickly grows tiresome. They defecate freely, making messes on sidewalks, buildings, cars, sculptures, and rooftops, and blocking roof drains and ventilation techniques with feces and feathers. Roosting areas could be changed to create a sloping surface, at a 60 degree incline or more, by installing wire mesh or other material to get rid of the particular level surfaces. Additionally there are a number of non-toxic sticky substances documented as responsive repellents for bird get a grip on efforts. Birds often prevent landing upon treated areas but the efficiency is generally lost over time. Call us to book an inspection for our technician to visit your premises and provide recomendations on dealing with pigeons. Call: 647-493-0279

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